[PARPORT] Signal 7 failure installing RH 6.1

From: Jorge J. Gomez-Sanz (jjgomez@sip.ucm.es)
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 15:45:34 EDT

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    I am installing RH 6.1 on a Compaq Contura 410C (RAM 8Mb, HD 500 Mb)
    with external cdrom Trillium CD/P 525 (16x).

    I am using paride drivers and boot disk for RH 6.1.

    The cdrom seems to be detected. But after detection,
    and three or five minutes, I get a system abort message whose
    text refers to a Signal 7 event, and informing that the system
    can be restarted safely.

    Any idea?



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