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From: Bernard MICHAUD (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 17:05:05 EDT

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    Hi Klaus,

    My german is awful, but I understand some. I'll to reply reply in
    english (or french if better and asked). Remember this is an
    "international" mailing list, so we use normally english. I hope I
    didnot make mistranlations.

     Wenn Sie ganz nicht englisch können, ich werde Dieses post ins deutsch
    privatig übersetzen, wenn Sie es bitten. (Etwas swerig für mich:-)) a écrit :
    Dear all

    > da ich Neueinsteiger mit der CALDERA Version 2.2 bin, erbitte/erhoffe ich von Euch Hilfe:
    May I have some help from you to do a new installation of a CALDERA 2.2

    > Meine Hardware besteht z.Zt. aus einem
    My hw is at the moment :
    > - Laptop SIEMENS-NIXDORF 486 INTEL DX 4/75 [20 MB RAM, 800 MB FESTPLATTE]

    > - externen CD-Drive TOSHIBA XM-5602 B [Class 1] in einem FREECOM II-Gehäuse [mit 44-poligem Stecker daran sowie 68-PCMCIA-Pin-Card]

    An external CD reader TOSHIBA XM-5602 B in a box FREECOM II (with a 44
    connector to a 68 PCMCIA pin card)

    BM : !! not a scsi CD drive I hope! some connectors are more or less
    similar and may be confusing. If the box must be connected on SCSI and
    if you connect it to a PP it may flash the PP or/and the CD box.
    This could explain why later the (PP)printing is impossible. It is not
    clear that the CD box is a PP one, but this is my guess.

    printer :
    > - Drucker CANON Bubblejet 10sx
    > Meine Schwierigkeit ist, dass alle angesprochenen Hardwarefirmen mir keine Verbindungsmöglichkeit mit meinem Laptop nachweisen können: also, ich kann nach dem Booten mit der CALDERA-Diskette nicht via PCMCIA-Card von den beiden CALDERA-CDs weiterinstallieren...

    (free translation) No help from the hw firms available for this problem
    : After the boot from the Caldera disquette, it was impossible to
    continue installation with the Caldera CD's via the PCMCIA card.

     This can come from the fact the kernel on the diskette is provided for
    a "normal" CD-ROM drive ie, an ATAPI IDE or SCSI one, namely, and not a
    port one. The best to do is to have a modified kernel to start the
    installation. Maybe Caldera could answer your request. If they do not,
    you should obtain a Linux kernel with the PP-PCMCIA driver for your CD

    Maybe somebody else here has another idea?

    It exists a number of pre-compiled kernels available on public sites.
    Moreover, it is generally possible to install a distribution from a
    HardDisk drive after copy from the CD (under dos..). And you have the
    solution to install Linux with NFS on a LAN or through the web. This
    last solution exists at least for RedHat, though it requires a high
    speed access.

    > Später werde ich dann wohl auch nicht drucken können...

    After that I have not been able to print anymore[with the CANNON
    bubblejet (on
    pp?) ]
    > Wisst Ihr da Lösungsmöglichkeiten?
    Do you have some solution?

    Im INTERNET hatte ich schon bei <> nach
    LINUX-tauglichen Cards geforscht -
    I have already searched on the web at .. for the "good" Linux

    doch ich kam nicht weiter...
    But I did not come again.
    > Grüsse aus Berlin worldwide

    ba-bye from Berlin
    > Klaus
    > --
    > - meine stadt im netz. Jetzt eigene eMail-adresse sichern!

    [to all]Foregive me if I made tranlation faults, and correct them if


    Venez me voir a
    Vous serez les bienvenus

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