Re: [PARPORT] Slack 7.1 ppSCSI bootdisk

Date: Mon Oct 02 2000 - 16:40:57 EDT

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    To edit a Slackware root disk you first decompress it `gunzip color.gz`,
    add loopback support `insmod loop`, set the loop device up `losetup color
    /dev/loop0` and then mount the disk `mount -t minix /dev/loop0 /mnt`. The
    boot disk is a lilo minix uncompressed disk. The pcmcia and network disks
    are uncompressed on msdos fs.

    You might want to share your new disks with the folks at

    BTW, I'll post those images up somewhere if you'd like a home for them.


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            Subject: [PARPORT] Slack 7.1 ppSCSI bootdisk


    I have made a custom LILO boot disk for Slackware 7.1 (2.2.16) which
    one to perform the install over a parallel-port SCSI adapter, such as the
    Trantor t348 Mini-SCSI. I have used this method to install Slackware onto
    several machines with no other options, it works very well - but a little
    slow in some cases.

    Is anyone interested in obtaining images of the "Slackware Linux ppSCSI
    Custom LILO Bootdisk" ?

    Note: there are two disks; one with the boot image, and one with the
    modules which must be manually insmod after bootup. If someone knows how
    modify the Slackware color.gz rootdisk so that the modules are contained
    therein and loaded on boot by default, I would appreciate this info.

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