[PARPORT] Tapestreamer `Shuttle connects' Tapeshuttle 3200 MC

From: John Andress (phjca@bristol.ac.uk)
Date: Sun Oct 15 2000 - 14:38:55 EDT

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    I need to backup my entire filesystem to tape. I have borrowed the
    tapestreamer in the Subject. It plugs directly into the printer parallel
    port. I have never backed up linux files to tape before. I am running
    Redhat 6.0, Linux version 2.2.5-15 on a Pentium II 266.

    I see there is a program called `ftape' which says it does work on some
    parallel port tape streamers. The owner of this tapestreamer uses it
    under msdos with a `Conner QIC-3020 v22' driver. Reading the HOWTO
    suggests I should be ok with ftape.

    What is the recommended version of ftape (or another program if that is
    better for me) and where is the best place to download it from?

    Should I get the source and try to compile it into the kernel? I have not
    had to do a kernel recompile before, so a pointer to the instructions
    would be appreciated.

    Alternatively, is there a stable RPM that will `do everything' for me? I
    can find version 3.x and 4.x of ftape so I'd like some advice here please.

    I have also found a program called `taper'. Is this useful? If so, which
    version should I get for my installation?

    All help gratefully received,

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