[PARPORT] A warning on some older distributions

From: rjh@world.std.com
Date: Tue Oct 17 2000 - 15:07:31 EDT

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    I came across this recently. There are some Linux distributions out
    there that have the parport modules compiled and ready in their
    /lib/modules and in /etc/conf.modules; but, they did not define
    CONFIG_PARPORT_PC=m. This causes silent problems when you compile
    modules that will use the parallel port. The symptom is getting
    unresolved symbols from "depmod".

    I understand how this can happen. Whoever put together the distribution
    default kernel built without parport being defined, the module builder
    used a system with parport defined, and when the two were combined it
    happens to work. So the mistake went un-noticed.

    This does not affect all distributions, just some.

    R Horn

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