Re: [PARPORT] Iomega Zip Drives

From: Neil Zanella (
Date: Wed Oct 18 2000 - 20:12:13 EDT

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    I am running Red Hat 5.2 with an external parallel port Zip 250 disk
    and everything works fine. In fact Red Hat's new bootup program called
    kudzu detects my Zip Drive when I boot and prompts me with a menu in
    case my Zip Disk was previously detached from my system.

    On Tue, 17 Oct 2000, Dale A. Raby wrote:

    > FYI. I have played with several distributions and had various problems
    > with getting my Iomega Zip 250 to work properly under Linux. I recently
    > purchased the Mandrake 7.1 distribution and all my problems were solved.
    > When the distribution is installed, the device is detected and all the
    > appropriate drivers/modules are loaded as part of the installation
    > process. I can now access my drive as if I were running that other OS
    > with the software from Iomega.
    > This distribution seems to suffer from other little irritating bugs that
    > cause it to freeze the system, but this may be related to my marginal 32
    > MB machine. I understand that this is the Linux 2.2.15 kernel.
    > I hope this information will be useful to someone.
    > Dale A. Raby

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