Re: [PARPORT] printing with 2.2.18pre21 kernel

From: Tim Waugh (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 05:04:02 EST

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    On Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 07:08:35PM -0500, wrote:

    > I have encountered some difficulties in
    > printing with recent kernels. This is after a
    > long successful experience with 2.2.16.

    Not a lot really changed between 2.2.16 and 2.2.18pre21,

    > Writing to the /dev/lp0 results in nothing.

    Does this mean 'the write returns, but nothing happens', or 'the write
    fails', or 'the write hangs'?

    Is the printer plugged in _directly_ to the port? I don't think Epson
    Stylus printers work very well if there's another device in the way
    (no idea why).


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