Re: [PARPORT] IDE Disk Capacity > 8GB via parallel port

From: Rob Levy (
Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 16:38:07 EST

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    Gents (Erik & Tamas),

    This is to just to advise of my progress ...

    Shortly after emailing my question to the alias I located the "([PARPORT]
    Patch for pd.c to support big drives Tamas Vincze @ NEB (Tue Oct 10 2000 -
    12:24:38 EDT)" posting from Tamas.

    I have since applied the changes to pd.c as suggested to include LBA access
    and then rebuilt the kernel and rebooted (I suspect I could have just
    recompiled pd.c to pd.o and copied it to the required location, then simply
    unload and reload the pd module ? however as I am not a developer I ended up
    doing the lot).

    After that I was able to see the entire drive 45GB of the disk via the
    parallel port. I then created a Linux partition of 15GB and a M$ DOS partition
    of 2GB (I had to do the M$ partition with the original supplied epathd
    software for M$, which is almost 3 years old now and, as would be expected,
    seems to observe some older capacity limitations).

    JFTR, I did try create a 15GB M$ partition under Linux (which was successful)
    but when I tried to make the filesystem I got some message regarding no
    mkfs.msdos ?, so I tried under M$ Windows (95 & 98) both of were not
    successful (95 which presented me with the blue screen of death and in 98 I
    think it created an 8GB filesystem? then froze when attempting to access the
    properties? - I forget the details). I haven't yet tried the hd136.EXE - next
    time I have a go at it I will try testing the functionality.

    I attempted doing a dd (which was my initial intention when buying the 45GB WD
    IDE HDD) to create an image of the entire 12GB hard disk (/dev/hda) in the
    laptop (all partitions in one go) to a file on the newly created 15GB Linux
    partition on the 45GB ide and ran into what I suspect is a filesize barrier?
    (in the region of 2GB). I suspect I will need to rethink my DR/backup strategy
    I was hoping to do nothing but boot off of a custom made rescue diskette and
    dd the image back (to a replacement matching laptop if necessary).

    One last thing I will mention is the performance is a little slow (access to
    the parport ide disk), No big deal because its just for offline-ish storage.
    However if there are any improvements that can be made I would be grateful to
    hear them?

    thanks again (and nice work on the LBA stuff Tamas!).

    Rob Levy

    Erik Inge Bolsų wrote:

    > On Thu, 23 Nov 2000, Rob Levy wrote:
    > >The drive I bought (which is housed externally and accessed via the
    > >parallel port and then the epat type chip) is a 45GB Western Digital
    > >however I can only see the first 8GB.
    > >
    > >Is there a way to access the entire drive ?
    > Interesting question. I haven't tried with mine (a H45 Quickdrive, also
    > using an EPAT chip, but no 8+ GB drive to put in it) - but as the latest
    > windows drivers claim to support up to 64 GB, it must be possible somehow..
    > ( )
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