Re: [PARPORT] SanDisk ImageMate flash card reader [long] (fwd)

Date: Mon Dec 04 2000 - 11:32:47 EST

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    Some success!

    I thought I was stuck with trying to get the SanDisk
    Win9x driver running under Wine and tracing the I/O
    that way. I got the current Wine release, fired it
    up, and tried to run the "setup" off the driver floppy
    that came with my ImageMate. It was a little balky
    under Wine's Win95 emulation, so I tried Win3x. HEY...
    the disk unpacked a DOS driver!

    The first thing I noticed is that I probably want to
    use the ppscsi driver Tim Waugh mentioned. The
    reason why is that the DOS driver has two pieces -
    one device driver and one ASPI driver for the device.
    To me, ASPI means SCSI. Interestingly, both pieces
    are provided as both a device driver (.SYS) and
    stand-alone file (.EXE).

    Next step: run DOS driver under dosemu. I got the
    current stable dosemu and a PC DOS 7 boot disk.
    After some minor tweaking of dosemu.conf for port
    access, **the DOS drivers can see and talk to the
    SanDisk!!** At least partially. When I put in
    the 8 meg flash card I have, I can see the directory
    structure, copy files to and from the flash card, etc.
    But when I put in the 64 meg flash card, I get
    garbage directory entries. The 64 meg card has
    good information on it...when I put the parallel
    port reader on a Win95 PC or use the card with a
    PCMCIA adapter in my laptop, I can read and write
    it just fine. I have a feeling that the SanDisk
    DOS driver is older and hasn't been updated to
    deal with flash cards over a certain size.

    I have been trying to turn on the i/o tracing that I
    think exists in dosemu but so far I can't get detailed
    info. I haven't looked very hard yet but if anyone
    has any tips or pointers I would appreciate it.

    If anyone else is trying to duplicate this, note that
    the driver packages you can download from SanDisk don't
    seem to include the DOS driver. I had to use the
    floppy that came with my ImageMate. They don't mention
    the DOS driver in their online support information
    either. As far as I know, the setup app is a standard
    InstallShield thing, so if there exists a way to crack
    open InstallShield archives without running the setup
    app, you can use that and skip the Wine bit. The
    files you want are epst.exe and aspihdrm.exe . The
    commands are epst /flash and aspihdrm . epst also
    supports /? if you need to tweak it.

    After all this, I shut off dosemu and tried the
    ppscsi and epst modules. I still can't get the
    adapter to be recognized, but the orange light
    does flash when epst does its probe. I think once
    I get I/O tracing in Dosemu I ought to be able to
    figure it out.

    Thanks for the help so far!

    Matt Roberds

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