Re: [PARPORT] econorom emulator

From: Matt Roberds (
Date: Tue Dec 05 2000 - 22:18:08 EST

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    >From: Morris Walton <>
    >I need a driver for EconoRom II emulator. This device plugs into the
    >parallel port of the PC on one end, and a ROM socket on the other end.

    Have you tried asking the manufacturer? Even if they have no driver
    they may be able to give you the interface spec. Tell them how nice
    they are and that they make a nifty product, stuff like that, and
    then ask nicely. :)

    I found a couple of Web pages for this device. The next version,
    an Econorom III, says it has DOS and Windows drivers. If your II
    has DOS drivers, you can probably get it to work under dosemu .

    You are also supposed to be able to trace the I/O with dosemu so
    you could reverse engineer the protocol to get a native Linux

    One of the Web pages also noted that this device is hooked to the
    PC by an 8-pin cable with DB25 adapter. As long as the adapter
    contains no active electronics, this means that they are only
    using 7 port pins plus ground. If all you have is a Windows
    driver, you could use a second PC as a "data logger" monitoring
    these 7 lines as you exercise the EconoRom - downloading a ROM
    image, etc. You could hack the protocol that way. If you're
    in a shop that needs a ROM emulator, you probably have dedicated
    hardware that can do this too.
    You may want to open the device (will void your warranty) and
    see if it has a parallel port driver chip that is similar to
    one that is already supported by Linux. If so, slight hacking
    on an existing driver may work.

    >Is there a general parport howto or reverse-engineering howto?

    Matt Roberds

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