Re: [PARPORT] SanDisk ImageMate flash card reader [long]

From: Matt Roberds (
Date: Wed Dec 06 2000 - 04:29:05 EST

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    Hello again!

    Well, I tried hacking Joshua Jore's epat patch into epst.c with no
    luck. Still doesn't find the SanDisk reader when doing the autoprobe.
    I think I hacked it in correctly. :)

    I noodled around with an oscilloscope and found that the device is
    using the Busy, Strobe, Autofeed, Error, Init, and Select control
    lines. (I had a batch file running under Dosemu to copy files back
    and forth from the card in the reader). The other control lines are
    unused, at least once the reader is up and running. It does use
    all 8 data lines.

    I have been trying to figure out how to turn on I/O tracing in Dosemu.
    I think it's with the -D+T option, but when I do that, I get debug
    output that looks like:

    102 < ff
    102 > ff
    15c < 0
    15c < 7

    etc. I'm guessing the syntax is port number, direction, data. If
    that's so then why am I not seeing more accesses to 0x378, my printer
    port? The only references to that I can get are millions of lines

    nPORT: set_ioperm [ 378: 1:1] returns 0
    nPORT: set_ioperm [ 378: 1:0] returns 0
    nPORT: set_ioperm [ 378: 1:1] returns 0
    nPORT: set_ioperm [ 378: 1:0] returns 0

    Is there something else I need to turn on or do to dosemu to get
    it to give up the goods?

    I have a feeling I'm dancing all around this whole thing and
    missing it by >< that much. Any tips or advice would be appreciated!


    Matt Roberds

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