[PARPORT] Backpack

From: Ken Hahn (kenh@micro-solutions.com)
Date: Wed Jan 24 2001 - 12:40:25 EST

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    Since people ask about this here, I figured I'd post this info.
    For those who are interested, Micro Solutions has a few new entries on their
    linux page:


    New items:

    - a new (binary only) protocol module for the paride subsystem compiled for
    the 2.4 kernel.
    - a driver disk using the above module to be used with a RH 7.0 boot disk to
    allow Linux to be installed from a Micro Solutions CD-ROM or CD-RW drive.
    (if anybody has instructions on how to do this for other distributions,
    please let me know.)

    Check out the web page for more details.

    -Ken Hahn

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