From: Bruno Cochofel (b_cochofel@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Jan 28 2001 - 12:07:53 EST

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    Ok, I finally get my scanner to work, but the resolution isn't that good
    (compare to what I get in windows, sorry, but I had to test the scanner...),
    is there any way to adjust or calibrate the scanner? But there's another
    problem, when I install CUPS, that comes with Mandrake 7.2, my epst module
    doesn't work (IO or IRQ resource conflict!!!). With my little knowledge I
    think that's because my parallel port is occupied by the HP DeskJet 710C
    (connected in the scanner) and the CUPS print server takes control on the
    resources. Ok, is there any way for the epst module and the CUPS server to
    work together? Or else, is there a way to make my 710C work with the scanner
    and without the CUPS software? If so, please help me.

    I like to thank Robert Foster, for helping me with the scanner instalattion.
    Forgive me for my english, but I'm from Portugal.

    Here's what i've done:

    SCSI support is compiled into the kernel as a module.
    SCSI Generic support is also compiled into the kernel as a module.
    In SCSI low-level drivers section:
    * ppscsi (Parallel Port SCSI adapters) is compiled as a module.
    * epst (Shuttle EPST adapter) is compiled as a module.

    modprobe sg - gives me my SCSI controller Tekram DC390
    modprobe epst - gives the conflict when CUPS is installed
    scanimage -L - finds the scanner (hp:/dev/sgb flatbed scanner)

    All the software I'm using comes with Mandrake 7.2

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