Re: [PARPORT] PATCH: parport_device_id support + bloat, "version 2.2"

From: Adam J. Richter (
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 17:41:44 EST

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    >> = Adam Richter
    > = Tim Waugh

    >> Is it generally true that devices that have IEEE-1284.3 device ID's
    >> are also accessible through this daisy chaining mechanism?

    >Yes. That is, IEEE 1284.3-compatible daisy chaining devices generally
    >have IEEE 1284 Device IDs.

            I mean, is it true that any IEEE-1284.3 can hang off of a
    daisy chain, or only a cerain unusual devices specifically designed
    for this purpose (for example, could I hang random printers off of
    such a daisy chain)?

    >> If so, then it would probably make sense to add a paramaeter to
    >> parport_driver->attach to indicate which device on the chain to
    >> attach to. Since old drives could just ignore the parameter, it
    >> would be compatible.

    >(It wouldn't even be source compatible.)

            The mismatch would be a compiler warning, not a compiler
    error. The old code would compile and continue to work.

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