[PARPORT] Problems with kernel 2.4.X and EPAT Shuttle HDD driver

From: Miroslav BENES (mbenes@tenez.cz)
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 04:01:50 EST

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    Hi all !

    I have problems similar as was described in archive at 2.3.2001.

    I'm using hdd on LPT port - adapter has shuttle chip and it works
    fine on all 2.2.X kernels, but unfortunately not good on all 2.4.X.

    When I boot any of 2.4.X kernel, I can mount external hdd as before,
    but when I'm copying big files from/to external hdd, sometimes I can
    copy 10 MB without errors, sometimes I got error during copy of first
    MB :

    pda: do_pd_read_drq: status = 0x10050 = SEEK READY TMO

    This mesage appears in interval cca 1s and computer is dead - I must
    use hw reset button.

    Where can I look for error ? Why was epat driver changed for 2.4.X
    kernels ? Can I anyhow setup behaviour epat driver in 2.4.X kernels
    to be similar as the 2.2.X version ?

    And last question - would be sometime in epat driver support for
    faster ECP (DMA) mode on LPT port ?

    Thank you for any idea.

    sw : RH 7.0 (+ some patces for 2.4.X kernels), kernel 2.4.0-test9,
    2.4.1, 2.4.2-0.1.25 (RedHat rawhide).
    hw : Celeron 466 / PIII 550 on MSI 6163Pro, onboard LPT port in EPP

    Miroslav BENES
    System administrator
    TENEZ a.s.
    Czech Republic

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