Re: [PARPORT] Kernel 2.4.2 & Epat Shuttle HDD driver

From: Miroslav BENES (
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 00:47:27 EST

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    #Q2) Which performance is accessible for data transport from external
    #hdd through LPT port ? Can I enhance it with any setting (e.g. ECP
    #support, dma using ...) ?

    > You could try setting the port delay to 0 - I found that this
    > improved my throughput substantially.

    I probed this setting on another older Pentuim system (RH6.2, kernel
    2.2.17) :
     - no special setting : 560 kB/s
     - "delay=0" setting : 725 kB/s

    Performance increased about 30%. This is wonderful !!

    #Q3) How can I use two hdd simultaneously ? When I use epat shuttle
    #as additional device and this drivers are compiled as modules, I
    #must set pd options as :

    # options pd drive0=0x378,,,5,,,,0 drive1=0x378,,,5,,,,1

    > Well... the current epat protocol module never had chaining support
    > coded in. You *shouldn't* be able to address more than one epat chip
    > on a lp chain at a time.

    Sorry, but this is misunderstanding. I have single epat chip with
    single IDE channel. Usually I have on this channel only single IDE
    disk connected. Sometimes I need connect on it secondary IDE disk (as
    slave). I use mentioned params and all is OK - both disk are

    But sometimes I run linux from this external HDD (on it is root
    filesystem) - booting from floppy, epat + pd support build-in into
    kernel. In this case I cannot access on seconadry IDE disk - it is
    not detected during kernel booting. I thing that some params can
    resolve this problem.

    Thanks to all for answers and help.

    Miroslav BENES
    System administrator
    TENEZ a.s.
    Czech Republic

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