[PARPORT] tar (grandchild): /dev/pt0: Cannot write: Read-only file system

From: Richard Reina (Richard@RushLogistics.com)
Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 01:36:42 EDT

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    I am trying to get my HP COLORADO 8gbe up and running. I am running
    Redhat 6.2 Kernel 2.2.18

    I followed the instructions from torque.net/parport/paride.html

    insmod epat
    insmod pt

    everything to go fine.

    but when I try
    #fdisk pt0

    I get:

    #pt0: HP COLORADO 8GBe, master RO, blocksize 512, 3954 MB

    # undable to read /dev/pt0

    I changed the permision:
    #chmod 666 /dev/pt0

    and then tried:

    #tar cvzf /dev/pt0 /home/richard

    the system cycles through all the files in /home/richard but the ends

    tar (grandchild): /dev/pt0: Cannot write: Read-only file system
    tar (grandchild): error is not recovereable: exiting now

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


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