[PARPORT] ScanJet 4300C problem, epst

From: Thierry Andriamirado (tandria@club-internet.fr)
Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 21:33:28 EDT

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    Hello everybody,

    [The story]
    I got a HP ScanJet 4300C scanner last week, and tried to use it with the
    USB port. After some days (and nights!), it really doesn't want to work,
    so I decided to try the thing with windows. It works but only using the
    parallel port, not the USB one!
    So, back to Linux, decided to use the parport driver, with epst. No way!
    Now I'm here, hopping some helps as after a week and a mail from the HP
    support saying that 'HP E-Mail support for Linux doesn't exist', I feel
    slightly tired (my wife too :-))

    [The config]
    * Mandrake 7.2, with the 2.2.17 kernel (tried the 2.4 one too).
    * Tried some BIOS settings (bi-directional, EPP, ECP...)
    * Tried some epst parameters, following 'ppscsi.c' directives

    [insmods and some messages]
    *'insmod scsi_mod' doesn't work, I think scsi support was compiled into
    the kernel, as I have an SCSI CD-Writer (it works).
    * 'insmod sg': ok
    * 'insmod parport': ok.
    * 'insmod parport_pc io=0x378 irq=7 dma=3' reports 'parport0: PC-style
    at 0x378, irq7, dma 3 [SPP,PS2,EPP]. I give the io, irq, and dma
    parameters as I thought it was source of problem,
    /proc/parport/0/hardware reported 'irq: none' without these options.
    * 'insmod ppscsi': ok
    * 'insmod epst' reports 'Device or resource busy', with some hints about
    IO and IRQ parameters. /var/log/messages reports :

    epst.1: version code reads: 0xc7
    epst.1: port 0x378 mode 0 test failed (1,-1,0)
    (and so on, with all modes tested)

    I found some messages talking about the lp module, but it's not loaded.
    The printer is connected on the printer port OF THE SCANNER, and it
    works! Maybe the lp module was compiled within the kernel, too.

    Any help (or hint) should be appreciated, as I really don't know what
    else to try now.

    Thanks in advance,


    Thierry Andriamirado - Altyx
    ICQ# 2664243
    Tranon-kala Informatsika: http://informatsika.free.fr

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