Re: [PARPORT] Linux 7.1 boot disk with a BACKPACK CDROM?

From: Tim Waugh (
Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 05:48:31 EDT

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    On Mon, Apr 30, 2001 at 11:03:21PM -0500, Bob VonMoss wrote:

    > I'm new to Linux installations and was hoping I could install Linux
    > from an external Backpack CDROM (4x). I see there are homemade 6.1
    > drivers. What about 7.1?

    I have made a driver disk for Red Hat Linux 7.1 which will hopefully
    support all types of BackPack CD-ROM drives. It would be very helpful
    if you could give me feedback on it, since I don't have a series 6
    drive yet (only a series 5).

    Here is the image:

    Here is the ABOUT file:

    Red Hat Linux can be installed from Micro-Solutions BackPack CD-ROM
    drives.  Usually, the method for doing this is to:

    o Create a driver disk from one of the images on the CD (paride.img on Red Hat Linux 7.0 and earlier, oldcdrom.img on newer versions)

    o Boot the installer and type 'linux dd'

    o Follow the prompts

    However, newer BackPack CD-ROM drives use a slightly different protocol which, until recently, there was no free driver for. Ken Hahn from Micro-Solutions has very kindly provided a free driver for series 6 drives, and this driver disk supplies it in the form that the Red Hat Linux installer can use.

    This is an _unsupported_ Red Hat Linux 7.1 driver disk for installing from series 5 and series 6 Micro-Solutions BackPack CD-ROM drives. It was made by:

    o Recompiling kernel-2.4.2-2 with the patches applied (see inside the image for the patches)

    o Adding bpck6.o to modules.cgz and modules.dep

    o That's it.

    So, this should work for everything that oldcdrom.img originally worked for, plus the series 6 BackPack CD-ROM drives.

    Since I don't have one of these drives yet, it unfortunately isn't tested. Please give me feedback on it.

    Thanks, Tim. */ (

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