[PARPORT] Linux 7.1 boot disk with a BACKPACK CDROM?

From: Bob VonMoss (bob@vonmoss.org)
Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 00:03:21 EDT

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    I'm new to Linux installations and was hoping I could install Linux from an
    external Backpack CDROM (4x). I see there are homemade 6.1 drivers. What
    about 7.1?

    Is it easier to install Linux (7.1?) with a regular IDE CDROM, then after
    installation is finished, remove the IDE CDROM and then install the
    Backpack CDROM? Will removing the IDE CDROM cause any problems to the OS? I
    think I'm going to try a totally fresh install like that. If it doesn't
    work, I'll just start over. Any experiences or tips would be helpful.

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