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Date: Mon Jun 11 2001 - 17:18:51 EDT

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    On Fri, 8 Jun 2001, Russel Ingram wrote:

    > I'm using a 2.4.5 kernel with devfs so the device files are already there.
    > The problem I'm having is that it seems to hit the end of the tape to
    > soon. I was finally able to get a 22M backup with tar today but the tape
    > should hold at the least 3.5G. I did finally figure out how to set the
    > delay to 0 and found in all of the normal archival programs the option to
    > set the block size. I tested with a new tape today and found that the
    > drive runs right to the end of the tape and locks up then the tape never
    > gets rewound and ends up working the same way with any other drive it goes
    > into. Really strange.
    > One more note to the rest of the list. If anyone has any pointers on
    > where to find info on putting the rest of the mtops into this driver I
    > would like to give it a shot. I started looking at the code today and
    > have started working on getting at least retension to work but don't know
    > if what I'm doing is right. I'm mostly just cutting and pasting from
    > various parts of the st driver and copying what was done to put in the
    > rewind mtop.
    > Thanx,
    > Russ
    Thanx to all of those who tried to help on this. As it turns out it wasnt
    driver related at all but rather drive related. There was a firmware
    upgrade that I needed. The part about wanting to try adding some
    additional mtops to the driver still stands tho. If anyone has some
    pointers to docs I would appreciate them.

    Thanx again,

    Russ Ingram
    Gargoyle Computer Consulting

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