[PARPORT] help print thru good old print port to hp5p (fwd)

From: Philip Blundell (philb@gnu.org)
Date: Tue Jul 24 2001 - 16:34:44 EDT

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    This man is clearly in dire straits. Even his emails are coming out garbled.
    Anybody understand what he's saying and feel able to help?


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    Subject: Fwd: help print thru good old print port to hp5p
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    Subject: help print thru good old print port to hp5p
    Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 06:22:52 +0300
    From: user on p350linux <user@p350linux>
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    3 months I bin studying hte rh61. nosuccess in printing kernel2.2
    .on a nother machine put one morerh61
    same result lately a week ago upgraded to rh71 one of the machines
    hoping to overcome the parport problem
    <seems a tough one and you guys seem to change the method almost every
    kernel version
    so much so , we at the irc discovered that on KDE environment paar
    print port 0x378 or other was missing on ioports thru
    preferences->information u know what i mean
    <br>I read the Documentation/parport.txt still not clear
    <br>&nbsp;/proc/sys/dev doesnot contain parport
    <br>how do i add a permanent line on lilo.conf
    <br>/sbin /lilo says bad syntax if I follow your instructions in parport.txt
    <br>also read from indian guy how to customize the kernel
    <br>2.4 sources are ready
    <br>to compile
    <br>btw p350 uses .i686.rpm s right?
    <br>please your urgent help
    <br>such a central problem keeps from searching for a new job
    <br>4several yrs Imaintained wintel &amp;novell systems ;-)
    <br>regards, tony
    <br>tony behar

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