Re: [PARPORT] help print thru good old print port to hp5p (fwd)

From: Jon Allen Boone (
Date: Tue Jul 24 2001 - 17:40:20 EDT

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    Philip Blundell <> writes:

    > This man is clearly in dire straits. Even his emails are coming
    > out garbled. Anybody understand what he's saying and feel able to
    > help?

      I think I can translate... even if I can't help him... :-)

    > ------- Forwarded Message
    > From: user on p350linux <user@p350linux>
    > [For] 3 months I['ve] b[ee]n studying the r[ed]h[at]6[.]1. [I've
    > had] no success in printing. [My] kernel [is v]2.2. On another
    > machine [I] put one more r[ed] h[at] 6.1 [installation.] [I got the]
    > same result. [More recently, approximately] a week ago, [I] upgraded
    > to r[ed] h[at] 7.1 [on] one of the machines, hoping to overcome the
    > parport problem. [It] seems [to be] a tough one and you guys seem to
    > change the method almost every kernel version.
    > [I asked on] irc [and on their advice] discovered[, through using
    > the] KDE environment menu preferences->information, that the
    > par[allel] print port [at I/O address] 0x378 (or other?) was [not
    > showing] in [/proc/]ioports.
    > I read the [file /usr/src/linux/]Documentation/parport.txt, [but
    > I'm] still not clear [about what's going wrong.] /proc/sys/dev does
    > not contain parport information. [Is this something that I can fix
    > by passing in parameters to the kernel via LILO? If so,] how do I
    > add a permanent line to [/etc/lilo.conf]? /sbin /lilo says bad
    > syntax [when I type what I believe are the verbatim ] instructions in
    > parport.txt
    > I also read from indian guy how to customize the kernel. [I've
    > downloaded the] 2.4 sources and am ready to compile.
    > btw, [since my processor is a] p350 (Pentium@350Mhz?), [I should
    > use rpms that are pre-compiled for the] i686, right?
    > Please, [I need] your urgent help. [I'm hoping to print out job
    > postings from Internet web sites, but] such a central problem keep
    > [me] from searching for a new job. [For] several y[ea]rs, I
    > maintained wintel and novell systems ;-) [But, I'm new to Linux.]
    > regards, tony
    > --
    > tony behar
    > - -------------------------------------------------------
    > ------- End of Forwarded Message

    Jon Allen Boone

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