[PARPORT] amiga printing problems

From: Roman Zippel (zippel@linux-m68k.org)
Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 16:43:22 EDT

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    I have a few reports that printing with an amiga doesn't work.
    The problem seems to be that parport_ieee1284_write_compat doesn't wait
    correctly until it can send the next character (the number of characters
    written is less than the number of interrupts).
    The amiga parallel port is quite simple, the data ready signal is
    automatically generated, when a byte is written to the port and the
    acknowledge generates an interrupt. Otherwise there are just the busy,
    paper and select lines, which can be read directly.
    My guess is that the check for busy doesn't work correctly in
    parport_ieee1284_write_compat, on the other hand I don't know how this
    then could work on a pc...
    Could someone please check this who is more familiar with this code and
    see if he finds something?

    bye, Roman

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