[PARPORT] A few questions.

From: Ken Hahn (kenh@micro-solutions.com)
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 11:41:50 EDT

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    I have a few questions.

    Admittedly, I mostly scan this list looking for people having problems with
    BACKPACK drives, so if this has been discussed recently, please forgive.
    (looked through the archives a bit, but never found a search for it, and
    there's a lot of messages :O )

    With regards to the PARIDE system. I was wondering if there was any
    discussion of working with the new hotplug stuff out there (I think it was
    initially meant for the usb-system, but other sub-systems have wanted to get
    in on it. Need to look into details...).

    If nothing else, I find that a lot of users that e-mail us have compiled the
    paride stuff into the kernel. Now, my understanding is that at this point,
    the only time the drives would be probed is at boot time. It'd be nice, if
    there was a way to get the drives to re-probe. (also this would let them
    insert the modules just once and then use another means to re-probe for the

    Just some thoughts I'd had. Unfortunately I'm kept kinda busy to take a
    stab at it. Perhaps I could do some on my own time, but I just wanted to see
    if this is a worthwhile (non-duplicate) idea.


    Ken Hahn
    Engineer, Micro Solutions

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