Fw: [PARPORT] A few questions.

From: Ken Hahn (kenh@micro-solutions.com)
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 12:42:03 EDT

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     Tim Waugh wrote:

    >Well, the trouble is that when you plug a device into the parallel
    >port, no-one knows about it but you. Parallel ports don't really
    >support hot plugging devices nicely.

     Well, I could easily write a userspace app that lets the BACKPACK drives be
    scaned on the fly. (Go probe every so often for our drive). Could different
    protocol modules provide a detection routine (if they have the ability).
    This could be used to do the scanning that I'm talking about.

    >> If nothing else, I find that a lot of users that e-mail us have compiled
    >> paride stuff into the kernel. Now, my understanding is that at this
    >> the only time the drives would be probed is at boot time. It'd be nice,
    >> there was a way to get the drives to re-probe.
    >>They should compile them as modules then. :-)

     Which is what I do, but the above program (which I think you'd agree would
    be nice to have) is much harder to implement when you have to insert modules
    than it would be if I could just use a userspace program to detect the drive
    and then tell the PARIDE system to re-scan. Or at least tell it, there is a
    new drive on port X and at ID # Y.

     Also, I can't find the reference, but wasn't there something about Linus
    wanting to not have different behavior between modules and compiling into
    the kernel (and one being able to rescan and the other not, is pretty

     Still brainstorming,

     Ken Hahn

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