[PARPORT] Define Parprt for EPST-Module

From: Niels Stargardt (niels.stargardt@gmx.de)
Date: Wed Sep 05 2001 - 12:20:49 EDT

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    I'm using the EPST-Module for an external MO-drive at my first
    works really fine, I only have a problem with my HPLaserjet 6L
    printer on
    second parport, the following happens: 1. I load the module 2. The
    some garbage into his memory. 3. I start a printjob 4. A page with
    characters is printed.

    So I've searched for a possibility to set the parport in the
    But I didn't find a possibility. I've searched in the code, but my
    C-Knowhow is
    too bad, I couldn't fix this problem.

    I hope that anyone can give me a hint.

    I'm using SuSE7.2, which means Kernel 2.4.4

    Thanks for every hint
     Niels Stargardt <><

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