RE: [PARPORT] unused data pins on parport

From: David Hawkins (
Date: Tue Dec 18 2001 - 19:02:30 EST

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    Hi Daniel,

    Heres a pretty complete set of resources for you. Its a link
    from Jan Axelson's "Parallel Port Complete". I haven't read
    the book, so can't tell you if it is worth it.

    another really nice site is

    There is three really nice guides on this site for interfacing
    to regular parallel, EPP, and ECP.

    Anyway, most parallel port devices used to be open-drain with 4k7
    pull-ups. So when you build an adapter board, you really want
    to make sure you use a 10K pull-up on inputs to your devices
    (you want these pullups in case you want to disconnect your
    board while its still powered - this saves floating inputs).

    You'd have to describe your circuit in a little more detail
    if you want to know why it is burning cards out.

    Feel free to bug me with questions and I'll try to help if
    I have time.

    Dave Hawkins

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    > Hello Parport list
    > If this question is not appropriate for this list would someone
    > please tell where to get such help.
    > I have a home built device connected to my SIIG ISA parallel port.
    > The device uses pin 10 for a hardware interrupt and pins 2-5 for
    > data input as well as the ground pins 18-25. Should the unused data port
    > pins 6-9 be tied high?
    > I have burnt two SIIG ISA cards with my circuit but the device
    > works fine on a pcmcia Quatech parallel port.
    > Thanks again,
    > Daniel
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