Re: [PARPORT] Parallel Port Mode switching via normal C-code possible??

From: Uwe Bonnes (
Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 07:18:10 EST

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    >>>>> "sven" == sven luebke <> writes:

        sven> Hi!! I have to reconfigure the parallel port mode (ECP, EPP,
        sven> Standard etc.) via normal C code AND NOT via BIOS. I know, that
        sven> this is not a clean way, but it's the only one :-). Could you tell
        sven> me, to which address I have to write which value, if I want to
        sven> switch between EPP, ECP and standard mode?! Is this possible at
        sven> all?? Thanx for your help...

    The mode of the parallel port on normal motherboards is controlled by the
    Super-I/O Chip. There are a lot of Super-I/O chips on the market, and all
    differ. So you would need a kernel module which would change the mode
    triggered by some ioctrl. I don't know of an effort in Linux do make this
    level accessible.

    In the 2.0 kernel time frame I wrote a "smcio.c" module, which allowed me to
    do so on a motheboard with a FDC37C66[56] chip. I can send you the code on

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