[PARPORT] Scanner on parallel port

From: Edenyard (mail@edenyard.co.uk)
Date: Sat Jun 01 2002 - 02:59:57 EDT

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  • Next message: Stefan Riha: "Re: [PARPORT] some new information about the freecom portable cdrw"

    Dear List,

       I hope I'm in the right place for asking about this - if not, then
    someone please send me away!

       I'm trying to get a parallel-port scanner to work with kernel 2.4.16
    on a P166 64Mb PC. The scanner is badged Philips PCA300PS PLUS but is
    believed to be a Microtek 300dpi model and it has an Onspec 90c26 chip
    onboard just behind the 25-way connector.

       So far, I've downloaded a patch, Linux-2.4.16-ppscsi.patch.bz2 and
    applied it to the kernel source with 'patch' (no errors reported) and
    recompiled the kernel with parport, parport_pc, ppscsi and onscsi
    as modules. I've also downloaded sane-backends-1.0.6. The new kernel
    runs fine and I can insmod scsi_mod, sg, ppscsi and onscsi with no
    problems (parport and parport_pc modules are already loaded when Linux
    boots). This results in a file /proc/scsi/onscsi/1 which reports the
    onscsi revision number and suggests that it's using a parallel port
    at 0x378, which I believe to be correct for my hardware. However, when
    I look in the file /proc/scsi/scsi, there's no mention of any device
    other than my IDE CD-RW drive, which is using SCSI emulation (think
    that's the right term!). Needless to say, I can't get past this point
    and scanimage won't do anything when I try
    scanimage -d microtek2:/dev/scanner or microtek2:/dev/sgf. Under the
    doze 3.1 scanner driver, the scanner is reported to have SCSI ID=5, by
    the way, and it works (relatively) well under this.

       Please can anyone point out where I've gone wrong in all of this? I
    seem to be totally stumped at the moment. A Google search assures me
    that parallel-port scanners WILL work with Linux these days (even though
    sane-find-scanner won't report their presence!) but this has so far
    beaten me! Please - what's the REAL truth in all of this!

       Many thanks for any clues, help, etc.,

         Gerald Pye

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