Re: [PARPORT] some new information about the freecom portable cdrw

From: Glyn (
Date: Thu May 30 2002 - 07:12:54 EDT

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    Stefan Riha wrote:
    > I have buyed an freecom cdrw and an freecom portable cdrw.
    > The CDRW is a FREECOM PORTABLE CDRW (FC-RW-2224EU / 13504).
    > The CABLE is a FREECOM PARALLEL PORT CABLE (FC-Cable-PAR / 12544).
    > The CDRW-drive in the FREECOM CDRW is an Philips CDD3801.
    > [snip]
    > I have tested the CDRW with different PC's and different versions of linux,
    > but i always get the same error messages.

    Can you do some more experimenting? Specifically:
      (i) Try it under Windows, if you have access to a PC running it (the
      more versions the better), and see if there's anything seems a problem
      - you won't get the same error messages, but any diagnostics might
      (ii) If you can take the drive out of the adaptor, try it in an
      internal IDE bay - it may be a problem with the drive itself.
      (iii) If (this is a very big IF) you can take the drive out of the
      adaptor, AND have access to another certified drive, try using that
      one in your adaptor, and watch the kernel messages.


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