Re: [PARPORT] some new information about the freecom portable cdrw

From: Stefan Riha (
Date: Sun Jun 02 2002 - 15:10:39 EDT

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    Am Samstag, 1. Juni 2002 23:09 schrieben Sie:
    > Stefan Riha wrote:
    > > > (i) Try it under Windows, if you have access to a PC running it
    > > > (the more versions the better), and see if there's anything seems a
    > > > problem - you won't get the same error messages, but any diagnostics
    > > > might help
    > >
    > > I have tested the CDRW with win98, winNT 4.0, winME and win2000. But I
    > > haven't found anything seems a problem. I can made a lot of CD's. And
    > > this CD's work with a lot of PC's. But I don't know how i can use this
    > > diagnostic tools with windows.
    > No, there aren't really that many useful tools - I was thinking of the
    > low-level connection details you get when you look at the device
    > settings under Control Panel (sorry I can't be more specific, it's a
    > long time since I used Windows), and compare the IRQs, memory address
    > etc. given it. Probably all insignificant anyway.
    > > > (ii) If you can take the drive out of the adaptor, try it in an
    > > > internal IDE bay - it may be a problem with the drive itself.
    > > > (iii) If (this is a very big IF) you can take the drive out of the
    > > > adaptor, AND have access to another certified drive, try using that
    > > > one in your adaptor, and watch the kernel messages.
    > >
    > > I can't give the drive out of adaptor, because when i give the drive out
    > > of the adaptor i would destroy the adaptor.
    > Yes, I suspected the adaptor wouldn't be very easy to reopen, but I also
    > thought that the only bit that would be broken would be the plastic
    > clips that hold it together - the expensive part that does the
    > IDE-to-parallel part shouldn't be affected. Obviously, this should be
    > the sort of thing you should try only as a last resort.
    > > But I have found the file at
    > > ("
    > >_scsi") and i have found the mail in the archieve of this mailing list
    > > ("").
    > > I think that the peoble who has writen this messages would have the same
    > > error like i. Because i couldn't find some more infos about this problem.
    > > Do you know wher i could find some more infos about this problem?
    > Sorry, I've been reading your posts to the parport mailling list, and I
    > can't offer any more advice than has already been given. You could
    > maybe try the kernel mailling list again, as the errors look CD-driver
    > related rather than parallel-port related, and the people there will
    > probably also be able to give better advice on how to debug kernel
    > drivers. Parport-list seems to be more interested with configuring the
    > modules to load at the right times, and setting up the port's protocol
    > (ECP, EPP etc.), than with the real driver-hacking.
    > Glyn

    I think that i have more informations about the configuration of the parport.
    After i have loaded the modules friq and pcd, i have found the following
    files at /proc/parport/0/

    #cat autoprobe
    MODEL:Unknown device;
    MANUFACTUR:Unknown vendor;

    #cat devices

    #cat hardware
    base: 0x378
    irq: none
    dma: none
    modes: SPP, PS2, EPP

    #cat irq

    I hope you can help me with this new informations and please write back.

    Stefan Riha

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