Re: [PARPORT] some new information about the freecom portable cdrw

From: Glyn (
Date: Sun Jun 02 2002 - 15:30:51 EDT

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    Stefan Riha wrote:
    > Am Samstag, 1. Juni 2002 23:09 schrieben Sie:
    > > Sorry, I've been reading your posts to the parport mailling list, and I
    > > can't offer any more advice than has already been given. You could
    > > maybe try the kernel mailling list again, as the errors look CD-driver
    > > related rather than parallel-port related, and the people there will
    > > probably also be able to give better advice on how to debug kernel
    > > drivers. Parport-list seems to be more interested with configuring the
    > > modules to load at the right times, and setting up the port's protocol
    > > (ECP, EPP etc.), than with the real driver-hacking.
    > >
    > > Glyn

    That was a private post, following your (at first) private posting to
    me. Please don't quote it in a public mailing list.

    > I think that i have more informations about the configuration of the parport.
    > After i have loaded the modules friq and pcd, i have found the following
    > files at /proc/parport/0/

    I don't have a /proc/parport directory, so I can't help you there...

    > #cat autoprobe
    > MODEL:Unknown device;
    > MANUFACTUR:Unknown vendor;
    > #cat devices
    > pcd0
    > #cat hardware
    > base: 0x378
    > irq: none
    > dma: none
    > modes: SPP, PS2, EPP
    > #cat irq
    > none

    ...and it looks like your /proc/parport isn't doing much useful either.
    I can send details of my entire setup (kernel-config, installed
    packages, output of ls -Rl /dev, technical specs of my machine), but I
    don't think any of it's relevant, given the nature of your error

    > I hope you can help me with this new informations and please write back.

    Please stop pestering me. I've told you all I know, and given all the
    advice I can. I'm sorry that the same hardware appears to be working
    for me but not for you, but there's nothing more I can suggest. I don't
    mind you posting developments to the list, but please don't put send
    stuff direct to me.


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