Re: [PARPORT] Upgrade 2.4.4 to 2.4.18 lost parallel port

From: Andreas Nowatzyk (
Date: Tue Jul 16 2002 - 12:36:42 EDT

  • Next message: Gunther Mayer: "Re: [PARPORT] Upgrade 2.4.4 to 2.4.18 lost parallel port" said:
    > There is a bug in 0.65 concerning false detection of ITE chips! Try
    > lssuperio-0.66 (
    > ).

    Did that (after normal boot, that is with disfunctional parport):

    timesink:/home/agn/parport/lssuperio-0.66 # ./lssuperio
    lssuperio V0.65 (EXPERIMENTAL) (<<<<< this is really v. 66 - agn)

    Winbond Super-IO detection, now testing ports 3F0,370,250,4E,2E ...
    SMSC Super-IO detection, now testing Ports 2F0, 370, 2E, 4E ...
    SMSC chip at EFER=0x4e key=0x55 id=54 rev=04
    oldid=0x00 oldrev=0x00
     LDN 0( FDC): io=0x3f0, irq= 6, dma= 2
     LDN 1(reserved): Disabled.
     LDN 2(reserved): Disabled.
     LDN 3( LPT): Disabled.
     LDN 4( UART_A): io=0x3f8, irq= 4, dma=No
     LDN 5( UART_B): io=0x300, irq=10, dma=No
     LDN 6(reserved): Disabled.
     LDN 7( KBC): io=0x0, irq= 1, irq2=12, dma=No
     LDN 8(reserved): Disabled.
     LDN 9(Gameport): io=0x201, irq=No, dma=No
     LDN a( PME): io=0x400, irq=No, dma=No
     LDN b( MPU-401): Disabled.
    SMSC chip type 47u32/33
    National Semiconductor Super-IO detection,now testing port 2E,4E,15C,26E,398
    ITE Super-IO detection testing ports 2E,4E,279,370/371 ...
    ALI Super-IO detection testing ports 370,398,3F0 ...
    Intel Super-IO detection testing ports 26E, 398 ...
    timesink:/home/agn/parport/lssuperio-0.66 # pwd

    However, the bottom line is that the PARPORT is fine after bios start and
    broken after SuSE V8.0 boot. It seems rather daunting to locate where things
    go wrong (the boot process does tons of things and is distributed over many
    scripts, rc-files, configs, ...)

    So could you just tell me how to enable the #$#!! parport. All I want is
    my printer back and I don't mind to run a stupid little enable program
    before loading parport_pc.

      Kind regards,
      -- A. Nowatzyk

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