[PARPORT] Quick question

From: PerlMonkee (webmaster@perlmonkee.com)
Date: Wed Jul 24 2002 - 19:42:39 EDT

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    Just a quick question here, because I'm both lazy and weary.
    is applying this patch intended for a 2.2.x kernel to my 2.4.5 kernel
    going to destroy the universe, or is there some chance it might work?
    I could try and READ the patch to see EXACTLY what its doing and try to
    use my best judgment, or be bull headed and just attempt to apply it and
    see what fun might occur; but I'll choose to ask all you fine people
    (assuming there are any of those on this list) so as to be able to shift
    the blame on you when my friends and family choose to berate me when
    this inevitably blows up my computer.

    Thanks a bunch,
       - Anthony Kepler

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