Re: [PARPORT] Parport cdrw

From: huascar (
Date: Thu Jul 25 2002 - 04:38:57 EDT

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    Tim, thanks for the try,

    this did not work

    I figured out an (easy) way to use my backpack cdrw.

    1.I downloaded and installed xcdroast,

    2. Every time I log in, I open a console window, and log on as su

    3. modprobe paride

    4. modprobe bpck6

    5. modprobe pg

    6. modprobe pcd

    7. Verify using cdrecord -scanbus

    8. run xcdroast

    this works until I log off since the modules reset. is there a way to
    add these to the module.conf file??


    On Thu, 2002-07-25 at 00:48, Tim Waugh wrote:
    > On Wed, Jul 24, 2002 at 04:13:38PM -0600, huascar wrote:
    > > I need to mount the drive somewhere and also make sure this is all fixed
    > > so when I reboot it stays the same.
    > I expect you want to put:
    > alias paride_protocol bpck6
    > in your /etc/modules.conf.
    > Tim.
    > */

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