RE: [PARPORT] Toshiba 2595xDVD lp0: no such device

From: Charles Lepple (
Date: Tue Oct 22 2002 - 14:39:23 EDT

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    Thomas Bodine said:
    > Well that may be true, but I bought this cable two
    > months ago.
    > Plus the parport_probe drivers notices that it is an
    > HP printer
    > so I think some sort of two way communication is going
    > on

    There is a certain amount of black magic that goes on in IEEE-1284 device

    > What I don't know is how to get the /dev/lp?
    > filesystem entries to talk to the parport driver. Is
    > there some sort of Major Number--Minor number--magic
    > thing I don't know about?

    I didn't notice the lp driver listed in your lsmod output. The parport
    driver is just an intermediate layer which abstracts the parallel port for
    use by the generic printer driver (lp.o) as well as by scanner drivers,
    Zip disk drivers, etc.

    Try 'modprobe lp' and post any error messages from /var/log/messages (or
    equivalent) as well as the tail end of the 'dmesg' output. You should see
    something to the effect of 'lp0: using parport0' (your numbers may vary if
    you have more than one detected parallel port).

    Also, the contents of /etc/modules.conf (if it's not too huge) might help.

    Charles Lepple <>

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