Re: [PARPORT] libieee1284 -> reading ecp data

From: Matthew Duggan (
Date: Fri Oct 25 2002 - 05:00:28 EDT

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    Quoting Juergen Voelkel <>:

    > hi,
    > my peripheral device supports only ecp, hence negotioation fails (or the
    > device isn't 1284-compliant - don't know). is a successful negotiation
    > necessary for a proper operation of ieee1284_ecp_read_data?


    If it supports ECP, then negotiation shouldn't be failing, but yes it's assumed
    that you have negotiated ECP if you wish to use ECP reads.

    > if so, do I have to switch to ieee1284_ecp_fwd_to_rev before? it returns
    > 'not implemented'. documentation speaks of possible limitations of this
    > version (API 3).

    fwd_to_rev is used to change direction once ECP has been negotiated.
    Negotiation leaves the port in "forward" mode, which is the computer writing to
    the peripheral. libieee1284 should remember the state of the port, so if you
    attempt a read it will reverse the direction first.

    > what is the difference between ECP and software implemented ECPSWE?

    ECP can be implemented in hardware, where the parallel port chip understands
    how to negotiate and change modes, and how to clock data in and out of the port
    by twiddling the correct pins. This enables DMA or interrupt transfers to
    occur, which leaves the CPU free to perform other tasks. ECPSWE is where
    either ppdev or libieee1284 manually control all the pins on the port in order
    to implement the negotiations, and manually clock every piece of data in and
    out. This means that several instructions and port controls are required for
    each byte, which is normally much slower.

    > thanks,
    > Juergen

    There's also a list specifically for libieee1284 at:


    - Matthew Duggan

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