Re: [PARPORT] PCMCIA Adapter + Backpack CD-ROM

From: Stuart Powell (
Date: Wed Nov 06 2002 - 14:42:54 EST

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    Thanks, Al. I guess I'll stop trying then. You do realise I'm going to
    get grief over this because (whiney user voice) "it works in Windows".
    Any idea if we'll ever get support for it, or is it just too old hat for
    anyone to worry about anymore ?

    Bye for now,

    >>> Al Crowley <> 11/06/02 10:29AM >>>

    There is currently no support for Backpack drives connected via
    PCMCIA in Linux. We only have support for parallel, and most
    recently, USB.

    At 10:02 AM 11/6/2002 -0600, you wrote:
    >Hello, everyone.
    >I have spent a great deal of time recently trying to install SuSE
    >a colleague's aging laptop. The main sticking point has been that
    >only CD-ROM drive for the laptop is a Backpack CD-ROM with a PCMCIA
    >parallel port adapter. We can't use the built-in port as the floppy
    >drive uses that and we need that hooked up to boot from.
    >After many trials and tribulations, I finally did an NFS install of
    >OS, but the Backpack CD resolutely fails to work. I am able to
    >paride and bpck, but pcd fails to load. I suspect it is only looking
    >for the CD drive on the built-in port, and not on the PCMCIA one.
    >I tried loading the modules with the IO address of the PCMCIA card
    >(gleaned from W2K on the same machine), but this seems to make little
    >Can anyone help me get this drive working ? We currently have SuSE
    >Pro installed.
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    Thank You,

    Al Crowley, Technical Support Assistant Manager
    Micro Solutions

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