[PARPORT] HP712C with Toshiba 2595xDVD printing solved

From: Thomas Bodine (bo_dance@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Dec 06 2002 - 17:57:58 EST

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    After a month of intermittant struggle. I have
    my computer printing.

    The story of how I discovered this is here:

    I have a 2.4.19 kernel running. The config file from
    the source directory is here.

    I have CUUPS to manage my printers
    You can get the following from linuxprinting.org
    I downloaded pnm2ppa to use with ghostscript to make
    the printer print.

    I found the PPD at

    I found cupsomatic at
    http://www.linuxprinting.org/cups-doc.html which has a
    link buried near the top which points to the actual
    cupsomatic script

    I put cupsomatic from www.linuxprinting.org in
    I put the PPD in

    I browsed to http://localhost:631 to talk to CUUPS and
    added my printer

    I found a postscript file to print and printed it.

    I am seeking work as a system administrator, system
    engineer or field engineer in southern california. For
    more information write me at hp712@tommythegeek.com or
    give me a call at 619-518-0878

    # Thomas Bodine, http://www.tommythegeek.com
    # Computer support for small business
    # Skipper S/V Badger Ericson 32

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