From: Nate (nate@uniwest.com)
Date: Tue Dec 17 2002 - 16:05:37 EST

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    I am writing a program that switches (mutually exclusive) between using lp
    and ppdev depending on the settings the user desires, (lp for real printing
    and ppdev for data transferring). So I am loading on demand the required
    module. That part is working, however, if I am trying to print to a printer
    everything works as I expect as long as there is a printer physically
    connected. The problem is when there is no printer connected. I am trying
    to put in some "timeout" code for this situation.

    I am doing an ioctl call with LPGETSTATUS. I see in the lp.c code that the
    said case calls "lp_claim_parport_or_block(...)". In my program, it is
    looks like it is blocking. It looks locked up. Is that because I have not
    previously claimed the port? Is there a similar call to find the status
    which won't block?

    Thank You,


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