Re: [PARPORT] Reading from pin - help.

From: Jeffery Tyree (
Date: Thu Dec 19 2002 - 23:10:52 EST

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    > Are you sure this is a Parallel Device? Because it sounds like a Serial
    > Device and there are some DB-25 pin connectors that look like parallel,
    > they are serial...

    To answer that I did a quick net search...
    "The DS18S20 is a digital thermometer featuring 0.5C accuracy over a -10C
    to +85C range. Data is read out over a 1-Wire serial bus in 2's complement
    format with 9 bits of resolution."

    So whether it be via software or hardware, some form of serial communication
    interfacing must be implented.

    An article and some C code can be found at:
    Also check out:
    There's lots of info out there on this device!

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