Re: [PARPORT] Jaz Traveler with non-Iomega devices?

From: Robert Heller (
Date: Wed Jan 29 2003 - 13:30:08 EST

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    >I am running Mandrake 7.2 with a 2 Gig Jaz drive connected to the
    >parallel port with a Jaz Traveller. Everything works fine (with
    >the ppa module defined as the scsi adaptor in the modules.conf file).
    >My questions are:
    >(1) Can I use the Jaz traveller (with the cable, I
    >presume, since I have seen it described as an ``active'' cable,
    >whatever this means...) to connect another SCSI device to the
    >parallel port. In my case I have in mind an Agfa scanner, the
    >Snapscan 600 model. Any particular care to take or configuration
    >files to modify? Since the Jaz drive (with Traveller)
    >is /dev/sda, I presume the same would apply to the scanner?

    I am assuming that the Jaz drive itself is a 'standard' SCSI external
    drive and the the Jaz Traveller is a gadget that connects to the
    parallel port and then provides a SCSI connection for the Jaz drive. If
    this is the case, yes, it *should* work with any SCSI device. This
    assumes that Iomega has not done something strange and wonderful.

    The scanner, however is NOT a disk drive and thus won't should up as
    /dev/sda. It will show up as /dev/sg<mumble> (/dev/sgX == *generic*
    SCSI device.) You'll need the XSANE and SANE packages, which includes drivers
    and GIMP plugins for most SCSI scanners.

    >(2) The Iomega documentation mentions a Parallel Port Accelerator
    >(for Windows only ...), which gives a faster transfer rate. Is there
    >such a thing under linux?

    Probably not.

    Is there some reason you cannot just get yourself a real live SCSI
    controller board? You won't need a partitularly fancy one for a
    scanner. Actually, most SCSI scanners come with a simple SCSI card.

    >(3) I have searched the archives and did find
    >one relevant message, however it goes back to 1998 (from David
    >Campbell) and was wondering if there is more up to date
    >info on that. There seems to be plenty of web references (ex:
    >to David Campbell at with inexistent links.
    >If anybody has better up-to-date links/info...
    >Any help/hint will be appreciated. I am new on the list and
    >apologize if any of this is considered trivial.
    >Thanks in advance,
    >Serge Pineault
    >(out in cold Quebec City -- -27 C or -21 F last night...)
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