[PARPORT] ftmt status -> no such device, huh ?.........

From: Courtney Thomas (ccthomas@flash.net)
Date: Fri Feb 07 2003 - 19:07:10 EST

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    Greetings !

    Under RedHat7.2 [2.4.17], when I issue .........
            ftmt -f /dev/nqft0 status
    I get.........
            no such device
    I've got a Ditto Pro which has been successfully deployed under RH6.1
    but I can't seem to get the drive recognized here.

    I've compiled ftape4.04a, and ftape-tools and have installed
    modules.....parport, parport_pc, paride, ftape, zftape and bpck.

    What's wrong and how do I remedy, please ?


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