Re: [PARPORT] pcd not being mounted when cupsd is running

From: Al Crowley (
Date: Mon Nov 03 2003 - 13:43:29 EST

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    I am not sure how well parallel port contention is handled in Linux. I
    am not aware of our parallel port pass-through even working in Linux.
    You have proven that it does, somewhat, seem to work. As far as being
    able to change anything with the Backpack driver to get this to work
    better, I don't forsee any changes. We supply a driver that works with
    the Backpack on the parallel port. Your other option is to add a second
    parallel port and split the devices, or you could use the Backpack on
    USB since we do have a USB firmware loader on our Web site.

    At 03:48 PM 11/3/2003 -0200, marcelo.c.pinto wrote:
    >I'm running Slackware 9.0, and I have a Backpack
    >parallel-port CD-RW driver. I also have an HP
    >DeskJet610C attached to the Backpack's pass-trough port.
    >The issue is: when cupsd is running, I am not able to
    >mount the cd-rw (/dev/pcd0).
    >The "mount /mnt/cdrom /dev/pcd0" command simply hangs
    >and no mountig is performed.
    >If cupsd is not running, mounting goes OK. If, after
    >mounting /dev/pcd0, I start cupsd, I am able to access
    >the CD, but at a very low transfer rate. If I stop
    >cupsd, the transfer rate returns to normal levels.
    >For any of the situations above, printing performance
    >doesn't seem to be impacted.
    >My parallel port is in EPP mode (I guess it's the best
    >mode for pcd, since I achieve higher transfer rates). My
    >rc.modules file contains:
    >modprobe parport
    >modprobe parport_pc
    >modprobe paride
    >modprobe bpck6 # for my pcd's model
    >modprobe pcd
    >modprobe pg # For being able to record CD's
    >The cause for that seems to be some conflict in the
    >access to parallel port. Hopefully this is a driver
    >config issue, and I hope someone has already faced the
    >same problem.
    >Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
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