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> Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 15:05:28 -0800 (PST)
> From: Garrick West <>
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> Subject: [PARPORT] Iomega ZIP plus drive


> I hope you'll excuse my rambling above, but I'm new to the list
> and don't want to look like a brain-dead newbie that can't RTFM & check
> the basics.

Your not to blame here, Iomega use a slightly different parallel
to SCSI interface in the ZIP Plus than the "Classic" ZIP drive.
This device uses the ASPIPPM2 driver under DOS whereas the PPA-3 ("Classic
ZIP") uses ASPIPPM1.

I have figured out much of the protocol based on DosEmu traces for nibble
and byte modes. I am currently working with a few people trying to get the
timing right as this appears to be critical in some locations. My biggest
problem is that Iomega has not released the ZIP Plus in Australia just yet
(early new year I expect - allowing 3 months for shipping)

> >From a quick glance at the ppa.c source it looks like this is the result
> of ppa_init() dying. Has anyone else messed with a Zip Plus in parallel
> port mode? If not, any suggestions for figuring out what Iomega messed
> with??

Correct. ppa_init() is trying to find a PPA-3 interface while the ZIP Plus
has a PPA-I (???) interface. There are a few people mucking about with
primitive drivers trying to prove the concept before commiting to kernel

> Much Thanks,
> Garrick West

Your welcome.

David Campbell
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