[PARPORT] I've installed RedHat 5.0 off my Shark drive!

Eric Ding (ericding@applix.com)
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 13:23:49 -0500

Hi everyone,

just thought I'd send a note of success... :) Some may recall that I was
trying to find someone, anyone, who'd been able to install RedHat with the
source dwelling on a non-standard drive like the Shark, which resides at
/dev/epa using Grant's ep.c driver. Well, I figured out a hack way to do
it; those interested can keep reading, those uninterested know how to
delete mail. :)

I basically do it as a hack using ln, and the hack actually required that I
install a minimal RH system first. The RedHat supplemental disk doesn't
have ep.o or /bin/ln on it, so first I install a minimal RH system in order
to create ep.o, and then copy ep.o and ln onto the RH supplemental floppy
(fortunately, there's just enough room for it on the disk). While I'm at
it, I create the ext2 file system on my Shark drive and put the untarred RH
distribution on it (I'm not sure if RH requires full RPM file names, so I
used ext2fs just in case -- anyone know?), minus some unneeded RPM so it'll
fit on the drive.

I then did an (expert) install with "hard drive" as the source. When RH
prompts for the install, I switch to the virtual screen with a shell
running, and do the following:

# mount fd0 /mnt/floppy
# insmod /mnt/floppy/ep.o
# umount /mnt/floppy
# mknod /dev/hda2 b 3 2
# mke2fs /dev/hda2 (hda2 is my target partition, and I'm doing a
                           clean install; upgrades wouldn't need this)
.... (mke2fs output)
# mknod /dev/epa1 b 63 1
# mount /dev/epa1 /tmp/shark (important -- don't call it /mnt/shark, since
                              /mnt will be RH's mountpoint for hda2 later)
# mount hda2 /tmp/hdimage
# cd /tmp/hdimage
# ln -s /tmp/shark
# cd
# umount /tmp/hdimage

Now (remembering that the RedHat/ directory is in the root directory of my
shark drive), I switch back to the install console, where I tell RH that
the source partition is /dev/hda2 and the directory is /shark. When RH
later asks if I want to format my target partition, of course, I refuse,
since I've already done that. Voila!

Kind of a roundabout way of doing all this, I know, but it sure saves me
the $50 I'd otherwise have to spend on the RH CD. :)


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