Re: [PARPORT] Tests on Avatar Shark with new paride drivers

Hubert Mantel (
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 17:48:45 +0100 (MET)


On Mon, 15 Dec 1997, Kevin Fisher wrote:

> I just thought I'd post some preliminary test results on the paride drivers
> with the Avatar Shark drive. With the old ep.c drive I was getting

I'll test it tomorrow with an old Freecom drive.


> I have noticed one small thing, however...perhaps I'm not inserting
> the modules into the kernel properly, but here's what happens:
> I do an 'insmod paride; insmod epat; insmod pd'. There is a slight
> delay after the insmod pd, and then it usually returns saying
> 'resource is busy'. If I follow up with another insmod pd the module
> gets loaded properly and I can use the drive. There don't seem to be
> any side effects when this happens.

I'm not sure that this problem is specific to this drivers. I'm getting
exactly the same behaviour when inserting the module for a parallel port
network adapter (de620.o): On the first try I get the 'resource is busy',
on the second try it succeeds. Tested on three different machines. Maybe
there is still a general problem regarding devices on the parallel port.

> Other than that I haven't had any read/write problems with the driver...
> things seem quite well-behaved in general.
> Is it possible yet to have kerneld load these modules automatically
> if I do a 'mount -t ext2 /dev/pda1 /mnt', for example?

Thanks alot to Grant,


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