[PARPORT] Linux/Parallel Drive Setup HOWTO?

Michael Silverton (silverton@edcom.org)
Tue, 20 Jan 1998 11:43:56 -0800


I'm an Mac'nDos'nWindoze idiot who has just bumbled through rawriting the
basic Debian disks and obtained the newest ep.c from the EPEZ page
<http://www.torque.net/epez.html>. The mission -- old hat to you, but new
to me -- is to install Debian on a EZ135 cartridge so that I can boot from
floppy and then run the OS from the parallel port drive.

According to the Linux/SyQuest page:

A driver has been available since May 1996, and is now part of the official
Linux 2.1 source tree. The driver is also available in source form by
clicking here. To use it, you need a recent version of the Linux kernel
(anything later than 1.3.50 or so ...). You should be familiar with
compiling and loading kernel modules, and know how to use the mknod


The problem is, I'm *not* familiar with mknod and loading kernels. Is there a Linux/Parallel Drive Setup HOWTO that describes the steps required to make this work without hosing my hard drive? If not, I'll use your advice and assistance to create one. IMHO, the page at <http://www.torque.net/ez135.html> should definitely include a link to a HOWTO to do this once a newbie has assembled the proper initial ingredients. I hope that I can document a sufficiently generic procedure during the course muddling through this.

Off topic, can anyone recommend a source for info on networking Linux with Win95 or NT? For instance, can Linux talk to Wingate? I'm sure I can hunt down some resources with search engines and dejanews, but a kind referral always saves time when compared to culling the typical "8,989 hits found." Thanks much.


Michael Silverton http://EdCom.ORG/ms/

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