Re: [PARPORT] New WWW page: "Linux driver for the HP officejet"

Roger Schreiter (
Tue, 27 Jan 1998 09:40:33 +0100


is the abbreviation OJ for orange juice typical american english
or does it exist also in british english? (By the way, there is
an equivalent in german: you can say O-Saft or A-Saft for
orange juice or apple (german: Apfel) juice.)

Nevertheless I assume, that almost everywhere in the world
(almost everywhere, but not everywhere, as I learnt now)
readers of the concerning WWW page will understand OJ
as the HP officejet "all-in-one"-product.

A propos hp 850 driver: We just received an e-mail:

> ...
> By the way, the ghostscript drivers for the hp 850 work
> quite well (much better than the other deskjet driver) but they aren't

> included in the main distribution of ghostscript. You can get more
> information about these drivers at this address:
> ...

Unfortunately I wasn't yet able to load the mentioned WWW page.

Thanks for maintaining this mailing list and for the useful postings and

good luck also for all the other driver developpers!

Roger Schreiter.

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